The Erotica of Thomas Carver

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Adam’s glad to get a single room his freshman year of college: it’s small, but it’s all his. East Tower is where all the jocks tend to dorm: football, wrestling, track, lacrosse, even baseball have their own unofficial floors. Which leaves Adam feeling a bit left out, since he doesn’t play a sport, but that’s fine with him: he doesn’t need a sport to occupy his time. He loves to read in the relative quiet of his private room, and he’s even thinking about trying to date: maybe it’s time to come out of the closet and be openly gay. After all, college is a season of exploration and growth. 

Then he discovers that East 616 has a bit of a reputation from its last inhabitant, Tristian. All the jocks in the whole tower knew that if they struck out on a Friday night, they could knock at Tristian’s door and find relief. And when Adam discovers an old diary, written in an easily crackable code, he learns more about history of the room’s reputation.

But reputations don’t graduate, and spaces can have a spirit of their own. Now men are at his door, knocking quietly in the night, asking for no-strings pleasure and free-use release, even as Adam unravels the increasingly tangled strings of the past. As he delves deeper and deeper into the sordid history of the room, and its prior inhabitant, he begins to wonder about the present, and the future — and the question of whether something else could come out of East 616. 

Something, maybe, a little bit like love.


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Thomas Carver