The Erotica of Thomas Carver

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Sawyer might be stuck at a conservative private university in the middle of rural Illinois, but at least his roommate Alex is cool. A football jock without the attitude, Alex seems like a genuinely good guy. Plus, Sawyer has his friends on the cross country team, and even the interest of a fraternity filled with lacrosse bros. He might be a hybrid of nerd and jock, but Sawyer’s finding his place. Which means, he thinks, it might be safe to finally come out of the closet. 

But then Alex finds Sawyer’s secret diary, where he describes all of his secret fantasies. And this private journal of depraved desires awakens a few of Alex’s deeper, crueler urges. He fights against the bully he used to be, but he’s afraid of losing the fight, especially as he’s tempted by his roommate’s secret willingness to consensually submit to dominant men like him — and men like his jock friends. 

Alex had always considered himself straight — and so does his girlfriend. So he can’t quite understand why he’s intrigued and aroused by his roommate and his secret desires. 

Intrigued enough to pull those desires off the page, and throw them into the harsh light of reality.

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"Honestly possibly one of the best gay erotica with plot books I've ever read. Not only was it kinky in the best of ways, but the suspense of the relationship was delicious and I almost cried it was just that good."
"Testosterone sizzles and steams off every page. Each character in these shorts are prototypes of men I've actually met and encountered in this human experience called Life. The challenge for me is I can't choose a favorite as they are all equally meet and surpass the mark of excellence, sometimes mixed with the unexpected, but they all satisfy!"
"Carver has a great way of letting the reader understand how his characters are feeling, changing, and accepting their particular needs. All four stories show how a person adapts his life when placed in chastity."
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Thomas Carver