The Erotica of Thomas Carver

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Like all football jocks, Logan is superstitious to a fault, so when his gay roommate Chance accidentally washes Logan’s lucky underwear, he’s pretty annoyed. 

Until he discovers that Chance himself is a kind of good luck charm. 

At first it’s just jocks being jocks, but soon it turns into more than that. In search of more and more luck, Logan and his buddies turn Chance into a sort of intimate mascot for the team. And Chance is more than willing: after all, they’re all attractive jocks. 

And as for Logan, he’s not sure he’s just doing this for the superstition. Because he kinds of likes Chance, and he likes watching his friends use him for their own superstitious — and more personal — needs. 

But every drop of bad luck that Chance swallows is a drop of bad luck that comes back to haunt him. And worse, it’s not just fooling around anymore: it’s something more, because Chance has feelings for Logan, and suspects that Logan is developing feelings for him. 

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Thomas Carver